"french blue"???????????????

  1. Just wondering what makes it "French"? Does anyone have this 2007 beauty yet?

    Photos!:yes: :yes: :yes:
  2. Maybe it's the shade of blue on the French flag?

    A friend and I were saying the B-bag bleu de France is the same shade of blue as the ceramicwear used in some French cafes/bistros...in fact, we were eating at Cafe Gitane in NYC at the time and their plates are that shade of bright blue. :yes:
  3. I believe anmldr1 has a French Blue city. She posted a pic of the bag in this thread:

    Seeking French Blue...où êtes-vous?

    Its the 9th post but you can't miss it when you scroll down. :yes:
  4. Oh cool. Thanks guys!