French Blue w/ regular hardware at NM?

  1. Has anyone seen any French Blue bags with regular hardware at NM lately?

    My local NM had one with giant hardware a few days ago and when I asked the SA if they would be getting any with regular hardware, she looked confused and said that French Blue was only available with the giant gold hardware, which isn't true, is it? :confused1:

    I'm dying for a either a first or city in French Blue with regular hardware. I'd rather get it from NM instead of BalNY because NM has a better return policy, and I have been known to change my mind about these things:shame:

    I didn't see any sightings listed in Achtung, so I figured I'd ask...TIA.:yes:
  2. The French Blue is available in the regular hardware for the City, First, and other styles that do not have the giant hardware. I am not sure who is carrying it beyond BalNY.
  3. does BalNY have it in yet?
  4. Just bumping this up.

    Anyone know where I can get a French Blue City or First with regular hardware? Preferably someplace with a good return policy, in case I don't love her IRL :shame: I am absolutley dying for one...
  5. IIRC, someone posted that Barney's in Chicago had a FB city with regular hardware. HTH