French Blue Twiggy and Tomato coin arrived today!

  1. I decided to order a French Blue Twiggy from Bal NY. I am in love with it! :nuts: Thanks for letting me share my joy here. BTW, my DH LOVES this color.... that makes me happy!

    The following two pics best represent the color irl.

    (Please excuse my disheveled appearance here, yikes!)


    Below, with flash plus what was left of daylight, color is distorted a bit.

    Here is the original pic Bal NY sent before purchase! Color also a bit off compared to IRL.

    Here is my cute Tomato Coin Purse from HG Bags! :supacool:


  2. FB and TOMATO is HOT HOT HOT!!! I :heart: the coin purse!!
  3. So vibrant! I love the tomato coin purse as well! Enjoy them!
  4. Congrat.s! I loved your other thread with your group photo. These 2 beauties will be a great addition to the family. Thanks for the awesome photos- they are gorgeous!!!!
  5. The colors look so vibrant!!!!!! What great pieces you got......the blue on the Twiggy is just gorgeous, and the Tomato is HOT!!!!!!! Loving both bags!!!!!
  6. :drool: :drool: :drool: They both look really gorgeous!
    :yahoo:Congrast and enjoy!!!
  7. OMG! i have never seen a FB twiggy before! its gorgeous! congrats girlie! you're on a role lately!
  8. Stunning colors! The Twiggy looks great on you!:tup:
  9. They're both gorgeous, but I am in love with the twiggy!!! congrats!!
  10. Yikers!! :nuts: That FB is beauuuutiful! You are making me want one! I really need to stay away from here because it can be very dangerous!! Congratulations and enjoy them!!!
  11. gorgeous additions! congrats!!!! i'm in love with your twiggy!
  12. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

    Lucky you :smile:
  13. What a wonderful pair of bbags!!!!

  14. More lovely additions to your already fabulous collection! Congratulations!
  15. Congrats!!! The FB is stunning and you lil tomato sweet (I have one too).:girlsigh: