French Blue Question

  1. Hey gals,

    So I LOVE blues....but I thought I heard people saying that the french blue had production problems/color problems? IS that not true? Or is it?

    I know we haven't seen electric blue....but would it be better to buy a french blue or just hold out for electric?

  2. I say if your heart is set on the FB get it because it is hard to find.:yes: If you like the EB later on you can always sell the FB.;)
  3. I've only seen a few pics of it....was it a really hard color to find this year? UGH...the debates!!! I need a really rich sugar daddy to support my purse habit LOL
  4. i totally agree with you. I've been searching everywhere for FB City RH and i was lucky to find it today with some help the wonderful ladies from tPF. so if you can find the FB then you should definitely get it :tup:
  5. It got sold out quickly. :yes:I was looking for the Day for a while and was able to find one at NM but the leather was dry.:push: So if you found a nice one go for it.:tup: It is a very pretty and vibrant color.:drool:
  6. Its an amazing color and the few I've seen all look great. All bbags will yellow over time, just more noticeable with some of the lighter colors not really with FB IMO.
  7. I bought a FB Day at Neiman's and it too was DRY! I was considering moisturing it since I loved the color but decided against keeping a brand-new DRY bag. Good-luck in deciding:smile:
  8. Thanks!

    Were some people having problems with the leather on this color? I thought I read about discoloration and stuff? Maybe I was seeing things!

    If there were production problems...I hesitate on jumping in and getting it!
  9. :tup:
    Hey girl! I have had two French Blue bags, a medium Matelasse, and a Shoulder. Both had beautiful leather, and although the back of the Shoulder had scuffs on it, I don't think it was a production problem, but was damaged somehow. I love the color and the only reason I let the bags go had to do with their style and size, rather than anything wrong with the color or leather! I say go for it, if you have an opportunity to get one.
  10. So would you say FB better than getting a vert gazoN? Or go with vert gazon since who knows when another 'loud' green will come out...and we know electric blue is coming???? ARGGGGG darn Balenciaga and all their colors!
  11. Exactly, darn Balenciaga.:cursing:I did not know you had a choice so now between the two i would pick VG.:tup:
  12. LOL...yes while calling every single stor ein the US today...I found both a VG and a FB! The nice thing about the VG is I can use a $150 GC towards it to save!
  13. I would say get both:graucho: but seems like VG is winning.:wlae:
  14. There were some reports of peeling leather on FB bags, but I don't think it was a widespread problem. There were also rumors of production issues with FB, because certain styles were never released (the first and GH hobo). One possibility is to wait for the Electric Blue coming out this spring.

    I have a FB wallet that I love, but it is definitely not as vibrant as the Jimmy Choo Electric Blue Mahala that I have.
  15. Chuggie i have been admiring your EB Mahala :graucho::drool:and i am hoping the Balenciaga EB would be as nice the JC one.:sweatdrop: