French Blue Part Time

  1. anyone seen one around anywhere (with regular hardware)? and do you think this is too close to aquamarine???
  2. I've only seen it with GH but I would not say it's really close at all to Aqua (although I've only seen Aqua in pics). Both in the blue family but pretty far apart. Aside from Magenta, FB has to be one of the most vibrant colors Balenciaga has made. It is truly a BAM color!
  3. That picture doesn't seem to be an accurate representation. French blue is a very bright blue with no green in it at all that I could see. Other people have described French blue as electric blue, and I agree. That picture doesn't look like electric blue.
  4. Coda, I think that pic is in her sig and it's Aqua.

    But yeah, electric blue is the perfect way to describe French Blue!
  5. the picture I have in my signature is aquamarine
  6. Oh sorry, I thought the pic was of French blue. The two colors are definitely not alike or close to being alike. I haven't seen aquamarine in person yet, but I would guess it doesn't look anything like French blue.
  7. I think this pic of my new french blue twiggy is pretty much dead on as far as the color is concerned. The color is nothing like aquamarine.
  8. ^^ That is a beautiful bag. Congrats!
  9. W:wtf: W that is amazing DR:drool: :drool: L
  10. Here's my FB work next to Camel part time:


  11. Thanks Chuggie. Whats great about this color is that it looks wonderful on the larger size bags too. Very pretty work you have there incoralblue!!!!
  12. IMHO, the French Blue looks nothing like other blues that Bal has released in the past. It's a really gorgeous, bright, vibrant blue. I think the color makes it a great year-round bag.
  13. Saw the French Blue IRL and it's bright and drool-worthy :drool: :drool: :drool:
  14. love it! Has anyone seen a PT french blue???? and where?
  15. [​IMG]

    This is a comparison pic I got from BalNY's Daisy. They are quite different.