French Blue owner.....GH or RH?

  1. Should I get the bag in RH or GH? GH doesn't have tassle while the RH does. Which one looks better in the french blue? I am worry that the giant hardware can be very heavy. I am leaning towards a DAY bag...but what are you thoughts?? Anyone can post picture of the DAY in giant or regular hardware?? I search the forum the whole day & I can't find any. :confused1:
  2. I'm partial to tassels....the GH hasn't grown on me yet although I've seen some beautiful pics of FB with the GH. I think it's a little more "dressy" than tassels, but I'm ultra-casual, hence the tassel obsession/love. :p
  3. I'm a traditionalist. I love the RH. If I pile of cash drops in my lap - i'd love a French Blue City bag with RH. *sigh*
  4. I have the FB twiggy with RH.....I love it. The GH has yet to move me. I definately prefer the RH.
  5. exactly!
  6. I :heart: french blue. I have it in the twiggy and I definitely prefer fb with RH. I only like the GH with more neutral colors.
  7. I'm not a GH fan, but I do feel that the shiny gold makes some of the colours look nicer and more intense; if you were on the fence about certain colours, I might indeed encourage GH. But French Blue is so intense to begin with that the GH isn't needed. GH doesn't look bad on it, or anything, but it doesn't add to the colour the way it does to Aqua or Blue Glacier or Natural. So going purely on that, I say RH.
  8. I've seen the RH French Blue Day in person and it's gorgeous! Definitely go for that! :smile:
  9. Definitely RH as i'm not into GH........:smile:
  10. RH, since you're looking for an FB.. IMO, the only colors that look good w/ GH are vert d'eau, cafe, and aquamarine.