French Blue or Aqua Matelasse $902 @ NM

  1. I have French Blue and Aqua Matelasse bags on hold at a NM if anyone is interested. They are on hold to be rung up tomorrow. The current sale price is $1,202 but will be an additional 25% off for $902 tomorrow.

    If interested, PM me. I was going to get them both for myself and then decide which one I wanted, but today when I woke up, sanity prevailed. I don't like hand-carry purses and I don't want the embarrassment of having to return them to the SA ... :shame:
  2. That's so nice of you fiat!!!!:heart:
  3. Thanks Zac ... I was going from your example ... ;)

    Well, I haven't rec'd any PM's, so I just called and removed them from hold.

    If anyone is interested, you can call NM Austin - the number is: (512) 719-1200. The SA I dealt with is not going to be there today or tomorrow, so I can't really recommend anyone in particular.

    Good luck! Post if you end up getting one!! FYI, the FB one was smoother and more uniform than the aqua one. The aqua was still pretty, though!
  4. fiat, you are so kind and thoughtful. I spent too much this month and ran beyond my budget. Otherwise I will be the one to call. :crybaby:
  5. I forgot to mention that they also had a LARGE matelasse in truffle on sale. It was $1,300(something) and so it would be 25% off of that.