French Blue or Aqua City??

  1. I love both but can't decide. They both look lovely!! Which one would you get? Which is better leather? More unique?
  2. I love FB. :yes: I really didn't care for the Aqua w/RH. It is very similar to BI but deeper and darker. :sad: I would go for the FB.:yahoo:
  3. I agree w/ Nanaz the French Blue is YUMMMY.
  4. ^^French Blue with regular hardware, aqua if you are going with the GH.
  5. French Blue gets my vote, but if you need the bag to be very versatile......then I think aqua would be a better choice.
  6. A week ago I would have said aqua. But since I just bought a FB mini-bowling, I've gotta vote for FB. The leather on my bag (and other FB bags I have seen) is amazing. I also think FB is at least as versatile as aqua.
  7. FRENCH BLUE with reg. hardware. More unique and beautiful imo.
  8. French blue!
  9. I totally agree, I have a RH Twiggy in French blue and a GH Giant hobo in aqua. I think the RH looks better with FB and GH is better with Aqua.....
  10. Without a doubt, French Blue!!
  11. I guess I'm the only one that thinks Aqua is still Beautiful!
  12. Aqua
  13. I love French Blue!

    Here's my French Blue (left)


    And here's Aquamarine Work from Bal NY:

  14. Aqua is beautiful in the city!!
  15. Even though I voted vor FB, I think aqua is gorgeous too. It's a very close call.