French Blue/Linen First

  1. If anyone see's a French Blue/Linen first with the silver hardware anywhere please PM me. I saw that combo in the part time, and I think it will make a really cute bag for the summer! I called BalNY, and all they have is the city. I definitely want a first, so keep an eye out for me please!

    ;) ;) ;)
  2. sounds pretty! I didn't know Bal was still making the leather/linen blend bags. good luck with your search!
  3. Thanks redney! Hopefully someone has seen one. I just LOVE the shiny silver hardware that it comes with. The quilted french blue bag also comes with silver hardware. That bag was gorgeous, but not for me. Kind of too poofy for me!
  4. Don't know if it is still there, but NM at the King of Prussia mall had a Frech Blue/ linen first about a week or two ago. Sorry, don't have the phone number with me, but you can probably look it up on the NM website.
  5. The NM At Tyson's Galleria in VA had it when I was there LAST NIGHT. Number is 703.761.1600. Good luck!
  6. I was at NM King of Prussia on Monday and they had the linen French blue first. I don't know their number, but I'm sure it's on their website.
  7. Thanks so much ladies!!! I found one thanks to the Purse Forum purse spies!!!
  8. Congrats! Post pics when you get it. Sounds gorgeous!