French blue Giant hobo?????

  1. I really need help guys:sos: My sister wants a french blue giant hobo, but I can't find one, does anyone know where has one? thanks and hugs in advance.
  2. Hmm, I think I've seen one at my local Neiman Marcus...I'm headed over there in a few, I'll get back to you and verify what they have.
  3. oh thanks incoralblue you're a sweetheart
  4. I have been on a waiting list for one at Bal, NY for about a month. I know they have not rec'd any yet. If I do hear of them arriving I will post here.
  5. Ok I just checked my Neiman Marucs and they don't have it anymore but I swear I've seen in there before...have you tried perhaps calling Norstrom Sacramento (Arden Fair)?
  6. Hey thanks guys for trying I will try Nordstrom...wish me luck my sister has her heart set on one:crybaby:
    I called BALNY and they said they are not getting anymore at all and no waiting list:confused1: