French Blue Giant Day or Giant PT?

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Which bag in French Blue?

  1. Giant Day

  2. Giant Part-Time

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I love this color but can't decide which style to buy! Help me decide! Fench Blue Giant Day or Giant Part-Time?
  2. I think the Giant FB PT is tdf. The shape is perfect to display such a vibrant color.
  3. Which style are you more comfortable with? You can't really go wrong with either one but i like the Giant PT. Simply because it has long handles and strap. Do you have a Day bag?:smile:
  4. I voted PT as well... :yes:
  5. This is a fantastic combo either way, but I voted PT. What do you have already?
  6. I only have cities, works and one courier. I like how the Day fits over your shoulder. I find that the City and Part Time straps slide off your shoulder pretty easily.
  7. I say Day. The color is really STUNNING!!
  8. Then go for the Day. I saw one at BalNY last Sat that was gorgeous.:drool:
  9. Of course, I voted for PT. I love mine. I wear mine mostly as a messenger. It's such a fun bag to carry.
  10. I voted Day. I am not the biggest fan of the GH, but I think it looks best on the Day, and the combo of French Blue with the GH looks (to me) the best out of all of the colors the GH comes in. The more I think about it, the more I think if I ever saw a French Blue GH Day IRL I would seriously consider buying.
  11. go for the day.

    the color and gh are tdf on that looks great in any color with gh, actually.
  12. Thanks gals! I ordered the Day from Aloha Rag! I can't wait to get it!!!!
  13. Congrats! I was coming here to vote Day....but looks like I was too late to give advice. I think you made a great choice - not that you could go wrong either way. Post pics when you get it!
  14. My choice will be Giant PT style........:smile:
  15. every balenciaga lover HAS to have a day...! :heart: