French Blue GH part time or brief??

  1. I just got French Blue GH part time bag (it's gorge) but really prefer the First style because of rounded edges. Unfortunately First style doesn't come with GH. So I was wondering if I should get French Blue GH in brief?? THe only thing is that the brief is 14HX17W, sort of large.. Will it overwhelm my frame? I am 5'8" and weigh about 105 or so. Help!
  2. I would keep the part time lots of people have returned the brief because the opening is very small!
  3. No one knows how brief looks IRL? NM here doesn't carry Bbags at all
  4. I have a brief and I don't think the opening is that small at all! It's definitely bigger than the LV speedies. =)

  5. ooh, any chance you could post a pic wearing it? I saw it at ateliernuff but have a hard time judging the size for some reason...