French blue - does anyone own a bag in this color?

  1. i've been so back and forth with getting a bag in blue, but i don't like Blue jean on me and the brighton blue i find a bit dark. I was thinking that french blue might be a good in between blue.

    does anyone a piece in this color? i looked at the blue color reference thread but i can't tell the real difference (computer probably). any opinions or pics would help. thanks!
  2. my SA called brighton blue a true french blue
  3. I heard an SA call Thalassa blue "french blue". Perhaps it is just interpretation of the color? This can get so tricky....
  4. Japster has a Birkin in this color...
  5. oh please post pics! i've been obsessed with Bleu Roi for a Birkin bag but i have a feeling (maybe i've read it somewhere on the forum?) that Bleu Roi is only available for exotic skin Birkins?? I'm not upset about that per se as if given the chance i would snap up a Bleu Roi croc Birkin quicker than you can say "Bleu", but it would be nice to have it in a less hard to find and more affordable leather like Swift, Togo, etc.
  6. Croissant, I had an old Chevre Kelly in Bleu Roi. It is not a bright, cobalt blue (that would be the old French Blue or Bleu Saphir), it is more of a muted blueberry/denim blue, not too far from Blue Brighton actually. As far as I know, Bleu Roi is not being done right now in regular skins since Blue Brighton is probably its replacement.
  7. thanks orchids. Bleu Saphir sounds gorgeous!! Is that still being produced in regular skins?
  8. I don't know that "French Blue" is a real H color...there are some contenders best guess is sapphire. Or possibly royal blue. Not thalassa or brighton blue though...
    Japster's birkin is sapphire, I believe.
  9. I think brighton blue in clemence is very french blue to me!
  10. ay, so confusing!!

    what is blue france then? is that a specific color? or just a general term referring to blue?
  11. I've had several SA's call Brighton Blue in Clemence a French Blue as well.
  12. I've seen the term Blue France used a few times with resellers which leads me to believe it's an older shade. Luxury-Shops has a toiletry kit in Courcheval (which is an older skin--1st Birkin in the 80s was made in Courcheval) right now with bright blue piping and they describe it as French Blue.

    I agree that BB is close to a true French Blue--think of a dress shirt in that traditional shade and Blue Brighton comes very close to with a little purple undertone to it. The old Bleu Roi (I posted a photo of it in Jag's Blue thread) didn't have as much purple in it. As far as I know Bleu Saphir isn't being done in skins that would render it bright (Clemence, Fjord, Lizard). I've seen it in smaller accessories in Chevre, but it is very muted in Chevre.
  13. Hmmmm. I almost bought a Bleu Roi lizard Bearn. Glad I didn't, it would be all roughed up by now but I never have gotten the colour out of my head ;)