French Blue DAY owner.....

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  1. I beg you guys to post pictures so I can compare the GH & the RH!! I can't find any picture of the FRench Blue GH in this forum. Pictures with you wearing the bag will be great too! Please help!!
  2. There is a SA holding one with regular hardware for me at Neiman Marcus, and if I don't get over there today then deffinitely tomorrow. I will post pictures if I come home with her!
  3. Thanks Deana! If you happen to see a French Blue Day giant hardware....let me know how it is too..:yes: Many thanks!

    PS..Love your French Blue Matelasse by the way! The color is just stunning!
  4. here's one i saved a pic of a while ago, i think it's from this forum though!

  5. :drool:
  6. That color is TDF!!

    What a great, vibrant color.
  7. There are a lot of FB pics with GH or RH, here is mine..
    FB City4.JPG
  8. Thanks for the pictures ladies! Guccidiva: Your french blue city is stunning!!!! Is this color versatile?? It's so bright!! I am debating between this one & the green one (the one that katie homes was wearing!)
  9. I have both, the one that Katie was wearing and the FB. I don't know if it's versatile, but it is certainly beautiful and makes me happy :wlae: I guess, if I am going to pay so much for these bags I want a color that stands out :nuts:
  10. Wow, you have both? :nuts::nuts: Which color do you wear more often? That green bag is truely beautiful with the gold hardwares. IT's so hard to decide between that 2 colors! hehe...
  11. BEAUTIFUL!!:love::heart:
  12. Oh, do I love this bag!!!:drool:
  13. ^^^^
    That is one stunning colour!
  14. FB is definitely a vibrant and pretty color....:smile:
  15. does anyone have a French Blue first or city? I would LOVE to see pics... I think it's one of the most beautiful colors yet... maybe because I'm a sucker for bright bright colors :rolleyes: