French Blue City or Work Anywhere??

  1. Have you seen French Blue City or Work anywhere recently?

    I've never really given this color a thought (although I liked looking at everyone's FB), but I'm starting to LOVE it!

    Thanks ladies:heart:
  2. There are several NMs that still have the FB work, I think. NM SF and NM South Carolina, I think? Good luck!
  3. Thanks!!!!!

    I'm not sure whether I want City or Work, but I've got to make up my mind fast!.....before those babies sell out:smile:

    Thanks so much for the info.! I might actually give them a call....

    Has anyone seen FB City around recently?
  4. Really? I was told that NM didn't order this color in the city or work, along with Sandstone.
  5. I'll bet you're right, guru that you are...I ordered one, and it turned out to be bleu glacier....just got it today, waah! :sad:

    My SA at NM SF wasn't at the store today, but she's going to call me back tomorrow to let me know if she has one. She said last week that she did, but now I wonder if it was bleu glacier all along...sigh. I'll let you all know tomorrow.
  6. Oh, I'm so sorry darling:sad:

    I really, really hope what your SA is talking about is french blue, not bleu glacier(fingers crossed!) It sucks that a lot of SAs don't seem to be well informed with Bal colors:tdown:
    ......let me know how it goes tomorrow.