French Blue City? hahahahahahah

  1. I know, I know, but if anyone sees a French Blue City ANYWHERE, and they don't fall all over it themselves, I would dearly appreciate knowing. I'll even over-pay for shipping (for a change :s from ANYWHERE!!! Just...have to find the darned thing. And yes, I know I stand virtually NO chance. But all the more reason I HAVE TO FIND ONE!!!

    Thanks to any and all in advance!
  2. Are you looking for RH or GH? I don't know of any at the moment, but I will definitely keep and eye out on your behalf.

    PS: Don't forget that electric blue is a color coming out for spring, so if it doesn't work out now, perhaps you can find something a bit later.
  3. I am looking for a French Blue Day RH...
  4. Good luck to us Maggien!
  5. Oh poo KDC, so am I! Oh well, if there's one, there have to be two. I'm up to the challenge!

    Good luck to us x2!! :yes:
  6. I'll watch for you both! :yes:
  7. Did you see Shasta's City? she was selling it but i am not sure if it is available.:shrugs: