French blue city had her first day out and....

  1. Today was the first time I wore out in public my gorgeous french blue city and I could not believe the feedback I got. In 2 hours I got 13 compliments! She is the most wonderful smooth squishy leather. If any of you have seen the nordstram rack shopping sacks that they put your merchandise into, it is the same color of vivid blue in person. I am sickly addicted!
  2. Shasta - i love the FB too specially the PT w/GH.:yes: It has the smooshiest leather ever.:drool: Good choice, i even like it better than the Aqua.:yahoo:
  3. I'm glad to hearing you're enjoying your FB city so much! The leather on my FB mini-bowling is also incrdibly soft, smooth, and smooshy.
  4. FB is a fabulous, stand-out color. I'm glad that other people can appreciate such a lovely bag. Enjoy!!
  5. I bought the FB day hobo and small classique in blue india b/c I couldn't choose and now I am no better off!! I was gonna sell the FB but now I don't knowwww!! AHHH!! Which one do I keep???? I stressed less over my bar exam than this decision...:confused1:
  6. My FB's leather isn't so smooshy, but still love the color :shame:
  7. It's gorgeous!!!
  8. cool! thats because the colour is tdf and so eyecatching!
  9. I'm not surprised it had such a great public reaction! The French Blue is just so vivid and beautiful - it's a real eye-catcher. :yes:
  10. The leather on french blue is incredible. Maybe I should consider a coin purse?
  11. Oooo - did you post a photo yet? IF I were getting another b-bag (which i'm not - i'm on a ban!) I'd get the French Blue City bag FOR SURE!

  12. I did post in the wearing thread and it is my avator!
  13. wow. Congrats. there's nothing like compliments from strangers which will make your day/week/life!
  14. What color clothes can you wear with french blue?

  15. I do lots of denim and neaturals for now. It is stll trying to be winter here, once it warms up it can go with any summer casual.