French Blue City at Saks if anyone is looking.

  1. I saw a pretty french blue regular hardware city at Saks today. It was at Saks New Orleans. Tirsa is my SA there. I remember people were looking for french blue rh bags a while ago.
  2. Ohhhhhhhh! I wish I had the $$$. I just got a HG today and will post pics once I get her!
  3. Oh man, I was looking for one before... I ended up getting the anthracite (from Tirsa too).
  4. I recall a debate over the color of a blue bag at the same store months ago... could this be the same bag :confused1: If it is indeed FB, I'm gonna faint :yahoo::sweatdrop:
  5. Its french blue. I am absolutely positive. They actually had an ocean work next to it on a display, a MUCH different color. I know my Bal colors. It was a beautiful bright french blue.:wlae:
  6. what was the price on it?
  7. I am not a reular hardware fan, so I didn't look. But isn't the RH city $1195?
  8. YAYAY :yahoo:I'm calling...
  9. The Sa's at Saks New Orleans don't really know the color names too well. But it is on the of the back display middle shelf.
  10. ^^^any other good selection at Saks? I'm pondering purchasing something from them because of the EgC event!
  11. What are you looking for and I'll see if I remeber them having it? I remember a red maybe tomato city with super gorgeous smooshy leather, the french blue city, an ocean work, and can't think of the other RH bags.... hmmm... In GGH a aquamarine city, a vermillion city, a mastic part time, a white work, a vert fonce parttime. In GSH a black part time.
  12. Any twiggys at all?
  13. I honestly don't remember, but most likely they did.
  14. Thanks kittens!!! I'll start calling around tomorrow! I'm all for finding a bag and getting $150 back too!
  15. I wish I had the $ too... :crybaby:
    As I am soo saving for the violet and jaune.