French Blue - can anyone describe to me the color?

  1. In pics, the color looks fairly light. Like a light, bright blue. Like turquoise 05, but without the green. Is this correct? Or does it turn out lighter in photos, and it is actually more of a rich blue in real life?

    I know its bright, like an electric blue, but I want to know exactly how dark of a blue it is.
  2. I am not a color expert, but I would not describe French blue as a light color. It's a pretty rich, medium toned color. I saw a bleu glacier and a French blue side by side, and the bleu glacier is much lighter in color. I haven't seen turquoise in person, so I can't make the comparison between the two.
  3. Maybe this may helps a bit....I wuld describe this blue as clear and bright blue.

    see swatch colors :
  4. Another swatch color on turquoise color for ur comparison :
  5. Hi Celia - french blue, in that swatch looks light to me. The turquoise 05 is really similar to that swatch in terms of intensity (of course, minus the green tones).
  6. Here are the pics of French Blue that I believe shows the real color blue of my bag when seen in person...

    (left, compared to blueberry)


  7. I totally agree with the description of clear, bright blue. The little color swatch can make it look a little pastel, or sort of muted like blue glacier. It is neither. It's the blue counterpart to grass green, in a way. It is at least a medium blue, if you call Marine a very dark blue.
  8. Here are another pics :

    1st pic (seahorse's pic - sorry to borrow ur pic) : this is 04 turquoise

    2nd pic is my previous bbag collection, the turquoise is 05 color

    Hope it explains a bit!!!:heart: :heart:
    DSCN3812.jpg KIF_0831(small).JPG
  9. I guess it would help if someone showed me pics comparing it to more medium blues like turquoise 05, navy or cornflower, or even aquamarine.
  10. I ve been drawn to this color especially with GH. Could someone tell me if it's versatile or is it just eye candy?
  11. It's super bright, if you have a Nordstrom rack in your area, go there and look and their shopping bags. they are the same color and brightness.
  12. It depends on your wardrobe. Unfortunately, mine has more fall colors, so I'm having a hard time with it right now. But it's a good excuse for me to do some spring wardrobe shopping, which I could seriously use in my closet. I think FB goes especially well with navy.
  13. Here is a pic of all my blues. You can see the french blue twiggy with all my other blue bbags. French Blue is in the lower far right column.

  14. opn - you have one fabulous collection there! Thanks for the pic. How would you say French Blue compares to Turquoise 05 in real life? It looks pretty close in that pic, only less green of course. (I'm sorry I keep bringing up turquoise. Can you tell I'm obsessed with it?)
  15. circoit : check out this pic of Nicole Richie, her bag is turquoise 05 work.....:yes: