French and Saunders

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  1. I don't know if this comedy duo is well known in the states, but they are a funny pair from England, and I personally find them hilarious. Here is their take on a Kylie Minogue classic - they are the two supporting singers
  2. Jennifer Saunders is quite hilarious! ;)
  3. I used to be a huge fan of Ab Fab (well, still am)! I have seen some French and Saunders episodes which were pretty funny too!
  4. Lol yeah i've seen this, soo funny!
  5. I love French & Saunders they're hilarious. Is Dawn French still married to Lenny Henry ?
  6. Yep, Prada, she is still married to Lenny, they have one adopted daughter too, who they went to court to get a privacy order on. She was one of the very first celebs to do this, and not one single picture of her has ever appeared in a magazine or newspaper :smile:

  7. :nuts: Good for them. I love Lenny Henry too ! He was so funny in the sitcom The Fosters. :roflmfao:

    Thanks for the update. :heart:
  8. I LOVE ab fab! I have all the seasons on DVD and always catch the marathons on BBC america. Those two are a hoot! I have a dvd set of French & Saunders too... It is always a huge pick me up on a bad day to pop one of these in and just LAUGH like crazy!
  9. Actually I like that version. =P I love classical takes on virtually anything though, but yeah, they're really funny!
  10. F&S have a new comedy on BBC America called Clatterford. There are a lot of familiar faces - Johanna Lumley plays a really old woman and the woman who played the housekeeper on Father Ted is in it too.
  11. I love their Titanic parody. GO ONNNNNNN..... :roflmfao:
  12. love AB FAB. They are just brilliant! french & saunders is also fun, great comedians.
  13. Too funny!