Freinds and Family Sale at Nordstrom and/or Discount Codes?

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  1. Hi All,

    I want to purchase a particular Fendi watch at Nordstrom. I was wondering if Nordstrom has a Friends and Family sale with discounts? If not, do they EVER have discount coupons? I have never seen anything come across, even with signing up for their e-mails. I do not have a Nordstrom in my state. If you know of any way to get a discount, could you please let me know. Thanks!
  2. They're running their "Friends and Family" deal right now (through 11/13, I think) with coupon code FANDF that will get you an additional 20% off plus you'll get free shipping on anything over $150 (or free shipping on anything with no minimum using code FREESHIP11).
  3. hmm it says FABDF already expired....bummer
  4. Thanks Jennifer. I was so excited at first, but during checkout it said the code has expired. If anyone else knows of any code, I would GREATLY appreciate your input. Thank you so much.

    By the way, I have a typo in the word "Friends" in the thread title. I contacted the administrator to get it corrected, as it would not allow an edit. Sorry about the typo!
  5. This is for Bloomingdales I believe..
  6. Nordies doesn't do Friends and Family. It's either the half yearly sale or anniversary.
  7. Does that mean there are never any coupon codes for regular priced merchandise?
  8. Sorry - that was Bloomingdales :sad:
  9. I also don't think I've seen coupons through them so I try to hit them up during their anniversary sale...
  10. Nope! Like I said, half yearly or Anniversary sale are their biggest sales of the year
  11. I agree , the half yearly sales are the biggest! Try your luck then
  12. What months do they have the anniversary sales?