Freelance work? Experiences? Where to find it?

  1. Hi all,

    I'm a student studying for my bachelors degree in commerce marketing. I am looking for freelance work and came across the site, are there any other sites that are such as this that don't cost much money to join? I haven't looked into freelance work until now. Tuition bills are high and I would definitely like to get some experience.

    Also, if you work freelance, how do you like it? I know every company is different but are a lot of them nice or do they treat freelancers like dirt? I know of a graphic design artist who's had a few bad experiences but i'm not lettering that deture me.

    Let me know thanks!:smile:
  2. My dad used to freelance as a graphic artist. Try =]
  3. Thanks:smile:

    I've just landed a really small freelance job doing an introductary first draft business plan. Doesn't pay a heck of a lot but it's definitely good to put on my resume later.
  4. Just a quick tip...when you work freelance it's important to know the right people, so it's a good idea to go to parties/events where potential employers will be, so you can introduce yourself etc
  5. I have been freelancing/contracting for a few years now. Try to be as buttoned up and professional as possible. Sometimes companies expect freelancers to be better than "regular" employees because they are usually paid higher rates because they do not collect benefits. Make sure everything you send along is presented as professionally as possible. No typos or misspellings on anything! Some people will not hire if you have any typos, especially in writing/communications. (Case in point: note your spelling of deter above.)

    Also, if you freelance, make sure you understand the tax ramifications if you collect 1099 income as opposed to W2 income. You should know this right off the bat from every assignment that you get. You will need a template for invoices if you go independent.

    It is a bit daunting at first but if you exude confidence you will do very well. And no, you should NOT pay a firm that finds jobs for you. The employers are the ones who pay the fees.

    Good luck!
  6. I am a student also. My background is in advertising, so I do freelance advertising/ graphic design from time to time. All my jobs have come from everyday contacts. For example, my hairstylist knew I did graphic design so she convinced the owner of the salon to let me do their new brochures. Contacts are key! If you have a good portfolio, local business are usually very welcoming to your services, because it is a lot cheaper to hire a student than a professional.
  7. yeah, people love to hire 'interns' instead of professionals, I'm working as one this summer on graphic design/courseware development. I have a great website saved at work, I'll check and comment with it tomorrow!