1. I don't know if I can post this, but it is just too funny. This little movie is filmed by a class of my school. The teacher is totally clueless - she still doesn't know the names of the kids she's been a tutor of for TWO years! And you can do everything in her class you want.
    And I mean everything.

    It's in the papers, on the radio, and I thought even tv. 3H, you're heroes!
  2. haha, thats hilarious. I wish I could read the comments! lol
  3. :lol::lol: This was great! When the first kid hopped out the window I seriously spit my drink out.
  4. Haha, I know. The whole school is talking about it and the whole Netherlands is up to date, they're making a big deal out of it! Three of the kids got suspended or something... But at least the teacher's going to get some coaching! (hmm, we'd rather see her fired - or is that too mean?)
    But that doesn't make the video less hilarious. I just send it to my whole family... It also got 10,000 hits in ONE hour!
  5. Eek! We just were on the most popular national radio with this YouTube film! Everyone's making such a huge deal out of it, it's hilarious.
  6. Another post...
  7. LOL! so hilarious!
  8. haha that was too funny !
  9. While this may be "funny" I am sure that it isn't for the teacher involved. I am personally offended by the fact that this educator was filmed without her knowledge and this was then posted on youtube for the world to see. It is a complete invasion of her privacy, not to mention the fact that she is being completely ridiculed as a result of this video. I can now understand why cellphones have been banned in some Canadian highschools. Maybe you think it is "funny" but it actually isn't. Maybe she wasn't cut out to be a teacher but that is not up to you or any other student to decide. Your comment that she should be "fired" or "requires coaching" simply illustrates an immature frame of mind. I am deeply saddened at the fact that you are all "laughing" and this woman's livelihood could be at stake. I do not know if she is a good teacher or not and frankly, I really don't care. However, I don't think anyone would enjoy the fact that they were being filmed in an embarrassing situation and then discovering that the video had been posted for the entire world to see. You should not be "proud" of the students in this class. You should be saddened at the fact that she has to deal with these types of individuals, who laugh at her expense, every single day of her life.
    I hope you are enjoying sending this to everyone you know and getting your kicks out of having everyone laugh at her. Just be aware that what goes around, comes around. Hopefully you won't one day find yourself in a situation where the entire world is laughing at you because a bunch of teenagers wanted to get their kicks in life. Totally mean-spirited, in my opinion.

  10. Yeah nice waste of grand words like "heroes" and "freedom"! :tup:

    All I saw was an idiotic, immature truant bunch of sheep. It was probably funny in context (we've all made fun of teachers at one point or another) but broadcasting it for all to see and judge is simply cruel. If my children EVER showed this amount of lack of respect for education and adults it would be a BLEAK day in our house. Oh, and if they actually thought this was cool or funny enough to send to relatives, I would consider myself a failure as a parent!
  11. Oh, I'm not at all proud of them for putting it on the internet. I totally understand this is completely embarrasing and inappropriate.
    But I must say I am very happy that finally there is some evidence of this teacher NOT being a proper teacher. Everyone is, and I'm sure people who think this is cruel would be too if they knew the person. So many students have failed Latin and Greek because of her. And she's not a nice person either - I've been a witness of her saying very, very mean things to students who failed their tests. (Again, nót saying that this makes it okay to put it on the net, but it's only on YouTube because of the action, just the fact that they were able to jump out of the window with 15 students out of 30, and the teacher wouldn't notice. I think, for the internet-version, they should blank out her face or something so she is not recognizable. It's not on YouTube to embarrass this teacher, nor to show the world how bad of a teacher she is, it's only on the internet b/c what they did is indeed funny.)
  12. Lack of respect? Her good name? Are you kidding me? The women is paying NO attention, obviously the school has not caught it and it appears to have been happening for quite some time.
  13. Correction, it is disrespectful of the students; however, this should not have happened in the first place if the school paid more attention to their teachers.
  14. I agree.

    I found it funny because I have had teaches just like this and worse. I had a teacher that fell asleep at the desk!!! She would go to make "photocopies" and never come back to class! I WISH we would've had a video camera back then. Students complaints didn't work (yes some of us actually wanted to learn) Parents complaints didn't work ( the teacher was given "warnings") So maybe some ridicule would have woke her ass (and the school) up.
  15. Well said! I completely agree with you! While it is fine to make a joke, this is completely inappropriate. I feel bad for her in that she has to deal with this bunch of idiots on a daily basis.