Freedom of Speech + Craigslist= Hmmm...???

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  1. So I put my 3 bedroom apartment up on to rent out two of the bedrooms for Sept. 1.
    Within 5 minutes the posted gets "Flagged and Removed" to due "gender discrimination".

    I said I, as a female, preferred to live with females.

    Excuse me??

    I understand that here in the U.S. (and am both a U.S. and E.U. citizen) we all have to be somewhat "P.C." to have a sane environment for so many different cultures, but come on people!

    I don't want to live with boys (we at least boys who aren't my boyfriend or DH)... they are gross! Forgive me!
  2. According to the law, you are entitled to specify anything you want because you occupy the property. If you were an absentee landlord, it would be illegal, but in your case it's perfectly legal. Shame on craigslist for not checking up on this.
  3. What?? So strange. I see people requesting specific genders all the time!

    Bah. Good luck.
  4. I look on craiglist whenever I think I want a part-time job, and I never understood why they don't go after the employers who post "wanted: under 25 year old model type for hostess job - must be 5'10 or taller and hot!" Isn't that illegal, too?
  5. I have never heard of anything like this before! Weird..
  6. hmm, that's weird.Whenever I look on craigslist I usually see people requesting roommates and they usually get pretty specific about everything including the gender too....that's really weird that yours was pulled.
  7. That is strange - have you tried relisting it?