Freebie from LV!!

  1. Hey guys just wondering whether any of you's know how much it costs for just an LV padlock that you get with your speedies??

    My husband was interested to know whether you could actually buy just the padlock itself today after asking the SA, he did mentioned it was only £10? Surely it can't be that cheap for an LV padlock??

  2. I heard it was $25 US but sometimes they will give it to you for free
  3. I got mine for free as I purchased something else at the same time. But I also heard it was $25
  4. Yeah the SA did give it to us for free but I was just suprised it was so cheap!
  5. Yep- I think the padlock is the only thing in LV without a substantial price markup :p
  6. i know, especially since they said they would replace the snap on my wallet for $25 (for the little snap!) lol but i guess that includes labor :rolleyes:
  7. ohhh fun! haha has anyone ever thought of wearing one as a braclet or on ur keys a la tiffanys???
  8. ^That's a cute idea.
  9. haha that is a good idea... but i think it is a bit heavy =P
  10. hehe i think itll be the cheapest LV keychain in the world!!! hehehe :smile: i think next time im in im tottally going to get one and try it!!!

    it would be a little heavy, but hey whats fashion without pain ;) hehe i have the tiffanys lock braclet and its SO darn cute...always get TONS of compliments!! :smile:
  11. My husband is actually gonna use it as a keyring..look pretty cool I say!

    Or hang it off my cats collar...;)
  12. i have had them just given to me, although i hear they can be $25 retail.
  13. It costs SGD90+ here.
  14. It costs MYR100 in Malaysia !

    I used to clip the LV padlock on my Juicy Couture bracelet as a charm ! Very special !
  15. Wow for that price im tempted to get one to use as a keyring. Any other uses people can think of?