free trip -- would you accept?

  1. I jokingly told an acquaintance that I would love to visit his five star hotel if he sends a private jet over.

    He then said that if I am serious he will book tickets for me and give me a room gratis.

    Would you go?

    I can't tell if he is just being friendly or ?

    We have a mutual friend so he's not a complete stranger....

    Five days in the Caribbean might be something I need right now.... (Even though I hate, hate bathing suits.)

    So conflicted!
  2. Go---have a adventure. Life is too short to analyze what to do all the time.
  3. If you are going to have a great time I say go too. Life is too short not to experience everything it has to offer!
  4. But do you think it's suspicious that a man who barely knows me is offering this? Even though it probably costs him nothing to comp my stay? (But the plane ticket, does that cost him nothing too?) I'm not a celebrity....

    And, should I go to Italy afterwards? (Because this other person offered to fly me over because he's going to be there too ... it's vacation time at the business school.)
  5. hmmmm, unless he is gay, he is definitely going to expect s*x.
  6. I would go, take it as an opportunity to relax and have a good time! Make sure he knows that you dont have any intentions of perhaps *sleeping with him* (sorry, just putting it out there!) Are either of you married/in a relationship? Have the best time of your life!! FREE TICKETS.. i mean, come on hahah
  7. I would accept if I was single and open. I don't know any guy that would fly me, wine and dine me for my platonic friendship. there would have to be more feelings than that, er, at least on his part.
  8. No, I'm not in a relationship. I have no idea about him though I think the answer is also no.

    I don't want him to expect sex in return though. I can't even tell if he is attracted to me. (He might not be.) We are friendly, I tease him constantly, but it's not flirtatious.


    Maybe I should stop eating holiday candy (which I'm addicted to)!
  9. I question is intention. No matter how nice he may seem. It's like rad flag rapist to me. Inadvertent prostitution anyone?
  10. If you are asking us here..MAYBE thats a sign that you have your own doubts?YES?
  11. does the name natalie holloway come up in anybody else's brain? not saying this guy is anything but honorable but you have said he is an acquaintance that you don't know very well.

    please don't take the chance.
  12. I would not go. Since he's single and just an acquaintance he might be expecting something now or later. Plus, if you run in similar circles your reputation could be questioned. You don't want anyone to think you can be "bought" so to speak even it seems like an innocous situation. For your personal safety as other posters have mentioned that is foremost, but there could be other negative consequences that are not so immediate.
  13. If you think he wouldnt do anything to harm or rape you then you SHOULD go!!
  14. Book a backup room at a hotel that you can afford nearby, just in case. Or offer to pay for your own airline ticket, and take the hotel room comped?
  15. Are you going with anyone or just yourself? That could be weird if you don't know him and you are going there... I'd worry a bit if I didn't have a friend to go with :shrugs: I'm conservative though!