FREE ticket to Universal Studios Park for 100,000 first people registered

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  1. thanks...wonder when it started.
  2. I never win a thing but its worth a try! Thanks!
  3. Thanks for posting. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed!
  4. Done! I got annual passes but what the heck!

    Hope somebody here wins!
  5. Thank you for posting! Good luck, everyone. Hope to see some TPF'ers post that they have won!
  6. Cool! Thanks for posting, I wonder how many times can we enter.
  7. I filled out, then I realized its Orlando :crybaby:. I thought is was Cali. Poo.
  8. ^Aw same here. :sad:

    But thanks for posting, I hope some TPFers win!
  9. I read the rules it said it started today at 12pm est so we have a good chance!!
  10. Thank you for posting.
  11. darn it's not for Cali, boo
  12. ^My thoughts exactly. :sad:
  13. Me too! Now I need to win a free plane ticket to Orlando!:tup:
  14. Thanks for the post!