Free Tea!

  1. Thanks! I just picked the green tea medley!
  2. Free tea, coffee AND soy bars??
    THANKS SELENA!!! :flowers:
  3. Gotcha covered for breakfast! LOL
  4. pretty cool! thanks, selena.
  5. Eep. When I filled out the free coffee offer, there was a list of the top 10 free offers and one of them was a free louis vuitton wallet and purse. You have got to be kidding me.

    I didn't fill that one out. Fake fake fake alert.
  6. yay i love free samples! i picked the peach set
  7. Selena, HOW do you find these awesome deals?!?!?! you're fantastic!
  8. SPAM for life now!
  9. has alot of good stuff. But you have to only choose websites that are direct giveaways, not companies who handle giveaways.

    I love these sample sizes, they are perfect for travel.
  10. wohoo I :heart: free stuff
  11. Yay! More free stuff ;)
  12. Wow, thanks Selena!
  13. Thank you;) !