FREE Tampax Tampon

  1. I love free stuff too!
  2. If I carry a $1000 + handbag, I seriously doubt I need a free tampon sample.
  3. ^ I love anything free, it doesn't matter if I buy expensive stuff.
  4. No need to get nasty, FijiBuni was just being nice!
  5. yay thx
  6. :wtf::wtf:
  7. This is one deal that I wont be using since Im a guy but you girls enjoy it :flowers:
  8. Thank you! I love free stuff too.:biggrin:
  9. Cool
    Thank you
    I am going to keep the samples as a spare back up - for absolute emergencies and if I ever use one - I swear I shall replace it - so that I will never ever again run out.

    I promise!

    (at least until the next time!)
  10. Thanks!! I love free samples. :tup:
  11. :tdown:
    looking to make new friends huh?

    Not sure if your noticed the TITLE of this Forum, DEALS & STEALS?
    Obviously, with all your money, topics in here wouldn't interest you, but maybe just moving on through is a better idea?

    Thanks Fiji, most people love a great deal or steal!:tup:
  12. Sounds like you already have something stuck up your.. uhh.. nevaaaaamind. hahahaha
  13. Whew hoo! lol Thanks for sharing :biggrin:
  14. Hey, I'm all for free! Off I go to get my free sample!

    I'll be sure to put it only in my bags that are less than $1K so the higher priced bags don't get insulted! LOL!