free tailoring at stores??

  1. Hello! Couldn't find anything in the forums but I was wondering if anybody knew where they do free tailoring at certain stores: department, big brand, etc.?

    I once read in an article that Nordstrom does free tailoring on the clothes you purchase there but I don't live near a Nordstrom :sad: (i live in nyc)

    Do stores like BR, Ann Taylor, etc. do it for free or with a fee?

    I'm mainly interested in buying pants to hem, and i'm tired of going out of my way to different places far from my home to get them tailored.

    TIA!! =)
  2. Adrienne Vittandini (however you spell it) did tailoring for free on a suit for me before. Good work, too.
  3. bloomingdales does it for free...but $20 w/ original hem
  4. Macy's does tailoring but I think there's a fee associated with it.
  5. Banana Republic will do some basic alterations for free on full priced items. If it's a sale item, there is a small charge (like $5 to hem pants).
  6. Zara used to do alterations but im not sure if they still do.
  7. Banana Republic (at least in Canada) no longer does free tailoring, even on full priced items. For men the only tailoring available is a basic hem ($10) or with cuff ($12)
  8. This is the case in the US now too. It's only free if you have BR credit card and are one of their LUXE members (You have to spend something like $800/year there).
  9. Awww, was going to post Nordie's.

    Have you tried Barneys or NM?
  10. any dry cleaner can help you if they have a tailor or seamstress, costs about $5, also i think saks fifth ave and Neiman Marcus do it perhaps without charge but it takes like a week.
  11. yes, this was implemented this year.

    but if you are luxe, you get free alterations across the board, which is awesome.

    club monaco offers free alterations on regular priced items.
  12. I've never know a store to do free alterations. I always take mine to the trusted seamstress at the dry cleaners, though.
  13. tailoring is free at macy's if you have the black card
  14. Wait, Nordies does free hemming:nuts:?
  15. last time i checked, the following stores all had free alterations if items were purchased for full price:

    ralph lauren, emporio armani, jcrew, barneys ny...