Free T-shirts at Pacsun (only $5.00 shipping!)

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  1. haha thank you!
  2. thanks just got a cute wesc tee!
  3. thanks! just ordered a black v-neck... can never have too many of those. :nogood:
  4. thanks, just got a black V neck for $5.00 shipped. Hopefully the material is nice.
  5. do you know how long that coupon lasts?
  6. if it is those kirra v necks then after one wash it is super faded and doesn't look so good. kirra is pacsun's own brand.
  7. I bought the black v-neck tee too! Thanks!

  8. Don't have an expiration date, sorry....but probably until they figure out they're giving stuff!
  9. haha! thanks because i'm thinking of using the coupon on the 2 for 55 deal jeans and it includes shipping so it becomes 2 for 45 so one pair is around 22.50 which isn't that bad because their jeans are pretty nice! just make sure you break into them whenever wash otherwise get a size up!

    thank you britt_ash (::wlae:
  10. i think the brand is nollie. do you know anything about those?
  11. thanks i got the black v-neck tee too. Can't beat it for $5 bucks
  12. i have two nollie tshirts. quality is okay. it's kind of like the forever21 shirts!
  13. thanks!! got a green wesc~ so cute!!!
  14. :tup:I just got the black v-neck, it was 5.30, the was .30 tax also, still good deal. Thanks