FREE subscription to NYLON magazine

  1. Sweet thanks !
  2. Thank yooou! I wonder why the freebie?
  3. I love free magazines. :smile: A lot of time businesses partner up to promote each other. I'm sure that Nylon will get a lot of renewals off of this offer, and they also increase their customer base which makes advertisers happy. Urban Outfitters makes their customers happy with freebies, which is always nice. We all win in the end.
  4. what kind of mag is it?
  5. GREAT! anyone know how long it would take before we receive the first issue? Thanks so much! i LOVE nylon! and WWD lol
  6. Cool, thank you!
  7. YAY! Thanks for letting us know about this, I signed up.
  8. I had never heard of it either but googled it and looks like it has a lot of fashion, beauty, etc. Thanks!
    Hey - thegirlgotsoul! Just wanted to say "hello" from another Rhode Islander!
  9. nylon used to be sort of indie, now it's pretty mainstream. it's primarily fashion, but some beauty, and a lot of music. definitely worth getting it for free!
  10. O:huh::huh::huh: Thank you I just ordered mine :tup:.

    Nylon is a good magazine, they tend to focus on pop culture and fashion and anything in the moment. Kind of like Vice, but better.
  11. Cool! Thanks! This is my third free mag subscription so far!!! :tup:
  12. yay! im glad that everyone is taking advantage of this great free offer! i'm not surprised about this collabo b/w Nylon and Urban Outfitters. If Urban Outfitters was a magazine, it'd definitely look like Nylon.

    Anyways, I was really excited to come across this mag offer b/c i've been wanting to subscribe to Nylon. Offbeat and never boring, Nylon brings you all the stuff that the other "fashion" rags skip over. Written for smart, web-savvy readers who want to know more than where to buy the next up and coming handbag. With a lot of collage-type pictorials, you'll never be bored. The visuals/layouts are amazing! A lot of vintage stuff as well; "background checks" are great. Many web references for you to surf as well. Definitely a thinking-gals guide to fashion, media and music.
  13. Awesome! I love this magazine! I think I will sign one up for my friend as a "gift" to her.
  14. I have one year NYLON magazine subscription and receive it every month now. If I subscribe this one, will they send me two same issues or extend my subscription to the next year?