FREE subscription to Jane magazine

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  1. thanks for sharing! any other free mags:graucho:
  2. This is the only one I know of...any more out there ladies?? Free is always good in my book!! :wlae:
  3. Thanks! I just got it for my sister!
  4. thanks... do you know if we need to cancel the subscription after one year?... some companies automatically renew your subscription after one year and we get dinged with a bill
  5. Ohh I love Jane! I just signed up. Thanks for posting this! :smile:
  6. I just signed up for it!! Thank you!
  7. Thanks for sharing :smile:
  8. thanks, just signed up
  9. Hooray! I love Jane!
  10. Thank you!! I love free mags!!
  11. I already get this!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Yay! Just signed up for it. Great freebie!!
  13. Yay!! Free stuff rocks!
  14. I just signed up! Thanks for posting!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.