Free Sterling Silver Cleaning at Tiffany & Co. 7/15 - 7/19

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  1. The Los Angeles Tiff used to clean silver for free when I first bought from them, like 10+ year ago. I had cust rep cleaned my silver piece for less than a min by dropping my piece in a container. The silver piece was "clean" but dull. Then Tiff start charging $5 a piece and I would have to leave the item with them. My silver piece was shinny when I got it back. I actually don't mind the $5 charge seeing the difference in quality. But I have to agree that Tiffany should have provided the service for free.
  2. Thanks Ebyaya. I didn't know gold and platinum piece are free. Thanks!
  3. I just brought mine in earlier today. Dropped it off at the one in Palo Alto (Stanford Mall) and it was ready in approx an hour. My bracelet is looking pretty shiny. :smile:
  4. I am still mad that they got rid of the polisher at our store. They claim the only Tiffany to have it is in NYC. My husband's ring is plain platinum and needs to be polished because he wears it all the time.
  5. really? i brought my items in to the 5th Avenue store yesterday and i have to pick them up on thursday after 3
  6. really? mine is wed after 3...
  7. I went to the 5th av store on Sun around 5ish... the 6th floor was pretty empty. The service rep did a steam clean, maybe that's why it took only 5 mins?... the necklaces came out pretty shiny. When I called earlier, they did say I need to pick it up after a few days...