Free Sterling Silver Cleaning at Tiffany & Co. 7/15 - 7/19

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  1. My cleanings are all free as well, but that is because my engagement and wedding ring were purchased there. If you are just bringing in something silver that you purchased there, they charge you for it.
  2. Man i'm so mad,:pout: i wish i would of known sooner, so i could of made plans to visit my tiffany store
  3. I finally dropped out my pieces. Going to feel a bit "naked" w/out them for couple days. But can't wait until they are shiny and bright! :smile:

    Thanks again.
  4. same here! I was going to drop some pieces off at the Wall Street location tomorrow, but it looks like I missed the boat :sad:
  5. I agree... very odd, I always thought Tiffany's cleaning was free but I've never taken my stuff in. Hmm...
  6. Yah. I asked them. They said that only gold and platinum gets free cleaning. Silver doesn't. According to the guy, it's b/c the volume of silver pieces is high and it would cost too much to clean them for free.

    But I agree everyone though. I bought Tiffany's jewelery for its quality and costumer services (free cleaning)...but I guess silver isn't enough. :/
  7. Thank you! I took mine in today to get cleaned... lady said it would take 2 hours but I wasn't able to pick them up so I'll have to stop by again in a couple days.
  8. Thanks for posting! took my stuff in today - looks brand spankin' new :biggrin:
  9. Does any1 know how much it cost normally for a silver cleaning?
  10. I went in to get my ring cleaned and it took like 2 minutes. There was a line of people when I got there, though.
  11. $5 for ring or cufflinks
    $10 for brooch
    $15 for bracelet

    not sure why it would only take 2 mins for the cleaning...maybe srvc differs by location?
  12. Thanks! Too bad I found this out too late. Some of my Tiffany jewelry could use a cleaning!
  13. thanks for posting! i dropped mine off this morning! :tup: wish i had known earlier...i would've had a friend come with me with more of my jewelry! :P
  14. I went to the 5th av store in NYC. The cleaning took less than 5 mins (for 2 necklaces)... not sure why someone people have to wait to pick it up...
  15. Wow, some Tiffany's sure are going to take longer than others. I was quoted approx. 2 weeks when I took my items in on Friday.