Free Spa Treatments

  1. Newbie here!! I was wondering if anyone else has ever gotten there bags treated free of charge. The interior front pocket of my Birkin was coming of at the seam. I asked specifically for Claude and he performed miracles on it, no charge. I asked my SA as to why I wasn't charged...she said I was lucky.:smile:

    Has this happened to anyone else?:shrugs:
  2. i've had the craftsman put back in a popped thread for free. yup. and that's normal service i think. did your bag stay overnight or get worked on in the shop for a few minutes?
  3. I think a small repair like that (that should not have happened in the first place) might be fixed at no charge.
    Full refurbishing or "spa" treatments would probably never be free
  4. Hello HiHeels. My Birkin was away for a few months.:s

    Hello Greentea. The interior pocket was literally coming off and it was a full refurbishing! That's why I was so shocked.
  5. Wow, Nom De Plume, count yourself lucky.
  6. Trust me, I know. I thought I was going to have to pay the price of a the least.
  7. Kind of OT but I bought an Hermes watch at Neiman Marcus and took it to Hermes to have the battery changed and they did it for free.....
  8. Very lucky! At least somethings in Hermes CAN BE free. A bit of a relief :sweatdrop: from the thread that has everything Hermes overpriced! :roflmfao:
  9. that is fantastic - about the service i mean, not the poor pocket! how old was the bag?

    when i brought my purse in for an official reconditioning, they quoted me $80something when i inquired but then when they assessed and wrote up the receipt, it was half of that.
  10. ^lucky you!
  11. Nom De Plume..welcome to our sub-forum! That is a great repair!
  12. Lucky you!!
  13. Thank you Kellybag!!:smile:
  14. Great news, then! That was a big repair!