free shoe.handbag shipping at

  1. Free shipping at for any handbags, and shoes (including boots).
    enter code shoebag
    happy shopping!
  2. Does it work in addition to the 10% off code (SHOPFALL)? If so, darn, I just ordered a Kooba yesterday with that code, would have loved to get an even bigger discount!
  3. ^^I'm curious if you can use both codes too. There's a handbag I'm strongly considering ordering. If you can get both discounts, that will definitely push me over the edge!:P
  4. I don't think you can use both codes because it doesn't give you 2 fields to enter it in.. I used the "SHOPFALL" code, thank you! =)
  5. If you are a SaksFirst member I believe you get free shipping anyway, and therefore you effectively receive both discounts.
  6. I e-mailed Saks and asked if I could get the free shipping and they said they would take care of it! With the Shopfall code, free shipping, and ******.com I saved like $95! I am so stoked! :yahoo:
  7. Oooo, thanks for that info, Nicoletchka! I just ordered a Stam yesterday. I'm off to ask for a refund too!
  8. thanks for sharing this info...
  9. Oh, but in my e-mail I casually omitted that I used the SHOPFALL code (was that naughty?), their response said they would credit my card though, so they must know I used it, and it didn't matter right?
  10. Oh yes...thanks for the info!!:yes:
  11. I told them I used the shopfall and TA DA: they refunded the shipping for me too!! Well, the $19 part of it (I paid for overnight).

    Thanks so much, nicoletchka! That's 1/2 a tank of gas!!! :yahoo:
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