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  1. Hi all,

    I wanted to let you know about this awesome eBay seller I have been dealing with lately : Karen Kooper . She just launched a website recently and is now offerring free shipping on her items:

    I've dealt with her for the past two years and she's never let me down. Plus, she wraps all of her awesome products with LV paper and stickers. If I had more on my AMEX, I would empyt her site dry, but my husband wouldn't like that !

    Anyone else know of any other discounts out there on LV products?:toung:
  2. Hi again!

    Apparently this is the Promo Ad:


    I got in an email this evening. I think anyone can use it. :biggrin:
  3. karenkooper has an eBay id after doing a google search. She's got alot of the same things listed there as on her site, but it looks like a bit cheaper on her site.

    Cool feedback tho :lol:
    Lovely VIP LV products :love:
  4. I purchased a catalog on the site and got it in the mail. Cool LV paper with all those LV stickers. Brilliant catalog too. I've got several and trying to build an LV all seasons collection since 2K catalogue but still have a ways to go!
  5. *Bump*
  6. *Plant*
  7. :huh:??? LoL ??? :huh:
  8. Your only posts in this forum have been about this Karenkooper website. Clearly, you are not here to discuss bags, but rather shill a website. The other member who posted in her has also only posted in this thread - so they are probably a plant too.

    Best of luck with your business, but what you are doing is obvious.
  9. Okay "PurseDeals". BTW, nice link to the website.:lol:
  10. she's not selling anything. you're selling things. does no one get the distinction?
  11. Interesting how spiteful you get when someone exposes you for what you are.

    I still wish you the best of luck on eBay. And I'm glad I found out about a new seller NOT to buy from.
  12. Let's see what Vlad thinks...
  13. Vlad thinks this thread closed must be.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.