Free shipping on MBT shoes through May 10

  1. Thanks for the info. I am a HUGE Mbt, love, love them. They definitely got rid of a large amount of cellulite! What could be better?
  2. Are they difficult to get used to? I'm thinking about buying a pair.
    Thanks for the free shipping!
  3. Very easy to wear. They make you stand straighter so your clothes look better on you as well
  4. I love them -- they work really well if your feet ever get sore or if you have back problems. Try them, you'll love them!
  5. Consider purchasing some anti-blister socks in addition to the shoes. When I first started wearing mine I used to get horrible blisters on my heels. After a month or so, they finally went away and now I love my shoes.
  6. I ordered them. I've thought about it each time I received my Bliss catalog...looking forward to trying them out. Shipping was steep- $16.95, hooray to tPF for code sharing members. :party:
  7. Is it an authorized retailer?