Free Shipping on Eluxury this week!

  1. I looked today. Don't know if it's already been posted. I searched and nothing came up. But It says there is Free Ground Shipping all week on all orders use promo code FF07.

    Just thought I'd let ya know if you didn't already.
  2. Well I just ordered on Sun...and there was No free shipping..l.that sucks for me...:confused1:
  3. Does anyone know if ELux charges sales tax on the purses?? If not, I'm SO going with them for my first LV purchase.

    Also, [sorry for all the newbie questions] does the LV come in a dustbag and box or just the dustbag and an ELux box?

  4. No tax except if you live in CA or TN.

    I recieved mine in an Eluxury cardboard box- The LV hard box and the two other boxes were inside and then the bag was in a dust bag flat in teh LV box as were the other two things I recieved.
  5. ^^ Thanks so much! That no tax thing is VERY appealing!!!

    How very tempting...does eLux have free shipping often? I think the last time was just a few months ago...
  6. I think it's every few months...

    I'd grab it while you can.
  7. Elux only charges tax in some states....for some reason CA and TN come to mind....everyone else has a nice discount!! As for free shipping, they usually do this before every holiday or event (e.g. mother's day), but they seem due dont they? I usually get a heads up on insides sales from elux, if I get the word on free shipping, I will post here.

  8. There is free shipping this week until the 31st it says. That's why I started this thread.

    If you go to the main Elux page it says it small at the top.
  9. ^^^^

    you're right....i just checked email....they are having a private sale for Dior RTW items too.
    I guess youre not into COACH

  10. Haha I still am I am just still on a kick for LV... I still love Coach... I do...

    My BF's like now that you have a couple LV things your not going to start collecting it like you have Coach are you... ARE YOU? I'm like ughhhh no. Unless I save up some more money. LOL
  11. Omg! It's a sign that I should get the mini lin speedy now...but I've spent too much lately! I can try to muster up the strength to hold out till the fall..:?: