FREE Shipping on Elux !!!!

  1. Thought i'd share....elux has free shipping until July 2nd.....yeah !!!!! Right before (potential) price increase !!!!! Order up !!!!!:yahoo:
  2. Thanks for the info, how tempting!
  3. aie. I think this just convinced me to get the azur pochette I'd been contemplating...and from elux, not the boutique! this saves me a bunch of money...woohoo!
  4. i am so jealous of everyone who can order from eluxury w/o having to pay sales tax. I live in CAL so everything seems to be taxed except for
  5. Thanks for the great info, happy shopping ladies and gents! Be sure to post pics of all your goodies!
  6. don't forget the lucky rewards 7% cash back too.
  7. ^^^^^^^^wHAT!?!?!>!> what is thta!?
  8. That's cool free shipping... Thank for you for posting ..
  9. I saw that this morning too and now I think I am just going to have to get my damier speedy 30!