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  1. hi everyone! i need help deciding on a louis bag.

    i have the pouchette and the denim pleaty but i want a new one:yes:

    and i think its between the speedy 25 or the recital. or any other bag u think might be good. i like a smaller bag because im pretty short only 5'2" if anyone has either of these bags i would love to know what u think!

    im new to the forum but so far i love it!
    and there is FREE shipping :yahoo: on eluxury till tomorrow at 11:59 pm
    the code is RNWY!!

    any feedback is great!!
  2. Welcome to tPF!! Glad to hear you love it!!

    Of the two styles you've mentioned, I'd definitely choose the speedy 25 over the recital. Speedy is more versatile and it holds more stuff too! Also, the bag looks more different from the pochette & pleaty you already have.

    Good luck with your choice!!!
  3. Welcome :flowers:
    I'd go for the Speedy, esp. as you already have the Pochette.
  4. i ordered the speedy thanks for your input:P i cant wait for it to arrive!!
  5. I think you made a great choice! You will love the speedy
  6. i'd also choose the speedy! :biggrin:
  7. You will love the speedy!!!!
  8. My vote is for the Recital. I am not too fond of the Mono Speedy.
  9. Great choice!
  10. My vote is for the speedy but speedies are my love so I'm a bit biased :P
  11. Ok, so what do you guys think between the Speedy 30 and the Lockit (the $785 one)?
  12. ^ i'd vote for the speedy
  13. definitely the speedy
  14. Actually I'm beginning to like the for a change, lockit...
  15. Sheesh....why in the world did this thread get resurrected? I saw the words FREE SHIPPING ON ELUX and almost had a heart attack! :nuts: