FREE shipping on eLux for the holiday!!

  1. i just got this email! i thought i'd share!:heart:

  2. Thank you! :smile:
    I just bought something last night..and had to pay the 12.50 shipping..
    I'm on the verge of tears...:crybaby:
  4. thanks for the head's up!
  5. Wow! Thank you!! I just made my purchase. Although if I shipped it to me in CA they were charging me sales tax. So I saved the $50 in tax by shipping it to my parents in NY. I guess elux is based in CA?? Does anyone know?
  6. ^ yes they are.
  7. Thanks Sophia!!! :yes:
  8. thanks for the code! i've been waiting for another free shipping promotion because elux usually does one right before x-mas.
  9. I never knew that!! Thanks for the info. And thanks so much for the code!! I LOVE shopping! I just bought myself a new wallet for my birthday! ha ha ha!
  10. Just call them or live chat them and tell them you forgot to put the code in! :yes:
  11. A big thank you!
  12. I don't see a code in the original post. What is it? :smile:
  13. Never mind, I found it on reesycakes.
  14. Thanks.
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