free shipping issues....

  1. Have you guys ever gotten free shipping at a site and then decided once you got your item you didn't like it...etc and returned it only to be refunded the money MINUS shipping costs you never paid to begin with?

    Just curious how common this is....
  2. Did you pay for the return shipping in advance? If not, then I think the company just minus the shipping cost for the return. Although when they shipped to you, it was free, the return shipping was not free.
  3. It was free shipping to come to me, and I paid for my own shipping costs to return it to them. When they received it, they then subtracted the shipping cost for when it shipped to me even though it was free to me, because I returned it, they revoke the free shipping and charge you for it.
  4. are u talking about Shopbop... because i love their free shipping.
  5. Hi... I just read somewhere... and I think it was Shopbop that they will deduct the shipping from your purchase if you return the item and you got free shipping... if it's not Shopbop, then it was another site just like it.

    I've never had that problem with dept. stores though... i.e., NM, BG, Saks.
  6. i think luvs2shopalot is just asking in general if we have ever been thru the same situation... i did!! many times, because shopping online is just unreliable. items either look differnt irl or dont fit the way we like it to.. i just recently returned something to abercrombie, delias and steve madden.. lost shipping money for no reason at all.
  7. I would call and let them know they owe you $X.xx Explain to them the free shipping situation. Im sure they will atleast give you a credit.
  8. No, it's not shopbop but along similar lines.

    It's not a huge deal, but I didn't know that was their policy since they use words like...Risk penalty refunds....then after that mention that they will deduct shipping from a return (shipping that you didn't pay for to begin with).

    I guess I just feel like it's shady and have never come across a store that I've needed to return to and had this issue. Oh well, it's over but it still irritates me...probably enough not to shop there again.

    Thanks for the replies guys!
  9. Sorry to hear that. That has never happened to me. I guess it's b/c if I don't like something, I usually exchange it for something else, and they don't usualy deduct shipping charges for exchanges.