FREE SHIPPING from Neiman Marcus

  1. I just signed up for the NM Newsletter because they are going to start shipping internationally.

    After signing up, I was sent a code in an email which will give you free shipping on your first online order.

    Not sure if anyone is interested, but I thought I would spread the word ;)

    Code is SPRING7
  2. thanks for sharing :heart: let me look into that right now ~
  3. So great of you, Thanx thanx thanx!!!
  4. Many thanks to let me know.:flowers:
    Enjoy shopping. ;)
  5. 0o0o thanks for that!!! Last time they shipped a B-Bag to me and I got charged! But its nice to see that their services are expanding!
  6. Thanks!!! Finally we can order from NM :yahoo:
  7. New code today SHOPNM for free ship
  8. free ship SHOPNM code for orders of $150 or more, right? BG has same thing and the code is FOCUS (for $150 order or more)
  9. ^^^ Yup


  10. Thank you ladies.
  11. spring7 for free shipping without limitation
  12. hi there ladies,
    I just want to know, does NM ships internationally say to Australia?
  13. New Neimans free ship code - nmhip
    good until 3/25
  14. nmhip is actually for free 3 day upgraded shipping -- get your items faster!