free shipping from eluxury? when?

  1. does anyone know when they usually have the free shipping? is it usually during the holidays or is it just a random date?

  2. I don't know, but bumping because I am interested too!
  3. They usually have free shipping around Mother's Day, Father's Day, or other holidays as well. However, lately they've been kind of cheap and only offer free upgraded shipping. Its a toss-up. I never bother to wait for them to offer free shipping but instead I joined ******.COM and I get 3% cashback when I buy from Eluxury through ******. That's usually the same or more than shipping! (Plus I pay no tax from Elux).
  4. may be not 'til the big holidays when people buy gifts for their love ones.
  5. Good tip, luccibag. Thanks! :yahoo:
  6. I remember last year they had it starting around the first of December until about Christmas time.
  7. I I just looked at one of my eluxury receipts and I got free shipping last year in November.
  8. I am bumping this just in case someone else received free shipping a bit earlier than November
  9. Don't forget if you register for ****** and were referred by a ****** member, use their email address and you will both get $5 bonuses!
  10. i had free shipping on feb, leap code or something :smile:
  11. i remember they had free shipping last fall... maybe they'll do it again soon? otherwise, i'm pretty sure they'll have a free shipping code during the holiday season.