Free Sample Probios Digestion Support Dog Treats

Dec 5, 2006
Weddington, North Carolina
Probios Dog Treat Digestion provides beneficial bacteria (probiotics) to help support proper digestion, sustain bowel health, and maintain a healthy microbial balance in the G-I tract. Peanut-butter flavoring turns this nutritional supplement into an appealing treat.

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~Happy Tot~
Oct 18, 2006
Great Lakes
Thanks M!! My doggies will be in heaven between these and the other free doggie bone samples that are on the way.
Dec 5, 2006
Weddington, North Carolina
Wow...a lot of tPFers must have signed up for this deal based on this incredibly nice email I received today from!


My name is Joshua Gore, and I wanted to take a brief moment to contact you to inform you that due to the overwhelming response to's recent "FREE Probios Treat Giveaway", we anticipate a delay in the delivery of your treat samples...if you knew how many samples we had people sign up for over the weekend, you'd understand the fact that...Dogs Really Love Probios Treats! if our shipping manager Dolly isn't already upset enough at me for making the commitment to send out the massive amount of treats that we gave away over the weekend, I want to extend an extra-special deal to you while you wait for your treats to arrive...

Over 40% Off 1 lb. Bags of
Probios Digestion Support Dog Treats

Go ahead and buy as many as you'd like...they'll end up costing $2.99. You will not find these treats anywhere else for this price (the lowest I could find on the web was $5.75) fact, you may not see them this low again! Here's what you need to do to take advantage of this great offer:

Write down this coupon code - 299PROBIOS
Either click HERE to add the treats to your cart or CALL 1-888-873-9719 to place your order over the phone.
Enter the coupon code when you check out or mention it to our customer care representative if you are phoning your order.
Thanks again for deciding to give our Probiotic Digestion Support Treats a try...we hope your dog enjoys them. The coupon code listed above will remain valid until the last of our sample treats have been distributed.

Joshua Gore