free sample of flusheze pet waste bags

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  1. Are you supposed to flush these...I'm a little confused. Do they expect you to carry this in your
    purse till you get home, then flush it...why:confused1:
  2. lol @ britt_ash's question.

    thank u for sharing Op!
  3. I think after you pick up after your dog instead of just flushing theb waste and throwing out the bag, you flush everything
  4. well if they're biodegradable that's always a good thing. i ordered a sample--thanks op!
  5. great find... Thanks!
  6. Just ordered some- thanks for posting!
  7. Thanks I am always looking for eco friendly pet products!
  8. But dog poo IS eco friendly....:lol:
  9. Thanks!
  10. The FlushEze bags are designed to flush in a toilet. There is also a PoochPouch, similar to a typical 'fanny pack' that carried new bags plus a seperate compartment for "used" bags. These bags will not fall apart prematurely and allow you discreetly transport the "package" to the nearest available toilet. You can see these and related products on the website at
  11. I guess it comes down to where you walk your dog. If you have to drive to a park to take your dog for a walk, then, sure, you're just going to throw the bags in the trashcan at the park.

    But I have always walked the dogs (my sister's and roommate's - no dogs of my own) around the neighborhood, so the bags go in the trash when I get home. Same when the dogs are just running in the backyard, and I have to pick up behind them - I still use the bags, and they still go in the trash.

    So the idea of being able to flush the bag instead of going to the outside trash can (since I don't like these baggies to linger in the inside trash cans) is definitely convenient.
  12. One item that I should have mentioned in my previous post is that one of the most important goals we have as a company is to help protect the environment. Many areas of the country are considering banning pet waste in the garbage. The primary reason for this is that pet waste is one of the leading causes of ground water contamination from tons of pet waste ending up in the landfills. By flushing waste in the toilet, it is properly processed in a sewage treatment facility or private septic system as human waste is. I understand that this is not a very glamorous business but with an estimated 90 million dogs in the US alone, it is a problem that needs to be solved.
  13. I signed up for this back in feb and never did get it.