Free sample of bare minerals and mini buki brush in boutiques & department stores

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I know there is already a thread posted about this free sample being available at sephoraand I knew i could tell you about it on that same thread BUT I didn't want to take a risk of having someone skip over it! =P

    So, the free 10 day supply of bare minerals SPF 15 foundation with a mini buki brush is going to be available in all bare minerals boutiques nation wide starting on the 28th of this month. There are going to be 6 shades available.

    Also, places that carry the product such as saks, nordstrom, sephora, ulta, NM, bloomingdales, and other luxury boutiques will have the sample event as well! this sample event should last for about a month...or until samples run out of course!

    good luck! =)
  2. thank you! i've always wanted to sample bareminerals, so this works for me!
  3. is there any in macy??
  4. Just downtown SF, that's all I know of.
  5. My manager told me it would be at macy's but not all of them...I don't know why though. =/ Nordstrom is probably a better bet since they are everywhere.
  6. Is purchase necassary to get these samples?
  7. nope, got mine this weekend with no purchase!
  8. You can get it online through Sephora as well:

    Sephora 75% off & BM kit
    Use code 10DAY to get a free sample of Bare Minerals (10 day supply) and a great little kabuki brush.

    You also get 3 free samples and 1 free gift box. Go through ****** for 4% or Mr Rebates for 6% (there is a $7.50 bonus for signing up w/ Mr. Rebates now).

    Lots to choose from @ 75% off. Just put "sale" into their search box. Shipping is free w/ $50 order or a flat rate of $5.95. Also free returns.<!--concordance-end--><!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
  9. if you go into the stores, there are no purchases necessary...But if you buy it online through, then you have to buy something to have it mailed to you.
  10. I went to the Bare Escentuals store today and the free samples are only available if you have an email coupon. You can't just go into the store and get one without it.
  11. I went to Sephora in Valley Fair and the SA told me they were all out BUT she gave me the shower bubbles birthday gift instead :biggrin:
  12. no, they are able to give it to you if you don't have a coupon or an email. The SA was mean and was lying to you! =[ you should complain about them! haha
  13. cool :smile:
  14. i just ordered stuff from sephora and i got bunch of freebies, 3 free samples, 1 deluxe sample and free 10day bare minerals! wohoo!
  15. The SA at Nordstrom first "didn't know" what I was talking about and then all of a sudden she was like no you need a coupon..go buy a magazine and bring it back :sad: