Free running?

  1. Has anyone tried getting into free running? I think it's interesting, but I'm a little afraid to try some of the stunts that I see on youtube.

    If you're into it, how did you get started? Did you start small - like, on what kinds of trails?
  2. Not for me LOL
  3. I've seen several television programs on this...
    If you're thinking of starting it, I'd recomend learning some basic gymnastic moves (cartwheels etc), how to jump, how to roll, how to distribute your weight etc. practice in playgrounds and as you get better you can move onto urban structures.
  4. I'm wondering if it's just too risky. I think maybe I could develop a run every day that's a little less risky but still as fun, and then work my way up to doing the big stuff.
  5. It sounds like fun...something an active, athletic young person would enjoy. Alas, it's not for me, though.
  6. That's a good idea...have you got a running buddy? This is no sport for solitude!
  7. Wasn't this showcased in Casino Royale?
  8. This sounds like fun but I can assure everyone I would fall on my butt and make an idiot out of myself